A magnitude 5.5 earthquake occurred this afternoon on the Ontario-Quebec border at 17:41:41 UTC or 1:41:41 PM local time.  This earthquake was felt in Millersburg, OH.  My brother called me to ask if we had just had an earthquake as they had felt it in their office.  It was on my seismograph but we had to wait several minutes to get the report from the USGS.  The peaks were not straight forward to pick accurately but it was clear that it was some distance off when I looked at it.

The arrival time information from the USGS Arrival Time Calculator is shown below for our location:

  2010/06/23 17:41:41  45.87N  75.46W  15.7 5.5      us: ONTARIO-QUEBEC BORD REG.
   Expected 1s period body wave amplitude     [  4.12E-02 µm]  [  2.59E-01 µm/s]

 delta   azimuth (degrees clockwise from north)
 (deg)      eq-to-station     station-to-eq
  7.08          223.8              39.4

                 travel   arrival time
    #  code      time(s)  dy hr mn sec
    1  Pn         102.98   0 17 43 23
    2  Pb         122.60   0 17 43 43
    3  Sn         184.17   0 17 44 45
    4  Sb         212.45   0 17 45 13
    5  PKiKP      992.45   0 17 58 13


The USGS reduced the magnitude estimate to 5.0.

2 thoughts on “Magnitude 5.5 – ONTARIO-QUEBEC BORDER REGION, CANADA

  1. Yeah, I didn’t feel it either. I was outside complaining to myself about how miserably hot it was. Evidently a lot of people in Ohio did feel it though; I’ve had over 360 hits on the website since the earthquake. Most of them went to my post back in March discussing the possibility of a large earthquake in Ohio. I don’t know how to work the search engines to direct the hits where I want them and one thing I don’t like about the theme I’m using is that people have to know to click on the blog title to go to the Home page with the latest post

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