“LIVE” Seismograph

This is a not quite real time view of the helicorder display on my seismograph located in Millersburg, Ohio 44654.  If everything is working it is updated every 5 minutes.  You will need to manually refresh the page to get the updated image.  In the latest version of the plot I have written a feed reader and event sorting routine into the plotting script which I hope will annotate many of the earthquakes that the seismograph records without causing too much clutter.  I use the USGS QuakeML feed for Magnitude 2.5 and greater in the last 24 hours.

All of the times are in Universal Coordinated Time (UTC).  The time of the update is shown at the top of the display and the UTC hour is shown along the vertical axis.  You can make the correction to your local time… EST=UTC-5 , EDT=UTC-4 for example, so 00 hours is 8 pm EDT or 7 pm EST.