“LIVE” Seismograph

This is a not quite real time view of the helicorder display on my seismograph located in Millersburg, Ohio 44654.  If everything is working it is updated every 5 minutes.  You will need to manually refresh the page to get the updated image.

The display shows lots of things besides earthquakes like foot traffic in my house, thermal and hydrostatic forces on my old (creaking)  house, large peaks causes by power outages and foot traffic on the concrete basement floor near the seismometer, flat-lines when the seismometer has been shut down, etc.  Every so often you’ll be able to see an earthquake signal.  Check the RSS Feed from the USGS toward the bottom of the links on the right side of this page to see if an earthquake occurred near the same time.  Remember that the time the earthquake occurs and the time that it appears on the seismograph are not the same and that the further away it is from Ohio the bigger the difference between the two times will be.  Not all of the listed earthquakes will be visible on the display (in fact most will not be) and every so often one will show on the display that is not listed if it is nearby and with a magnitude less than 5.

All of the times are in Universal Coordinated Time (UTC).  The time of the update is shown at the lower right corner of the display and the “Hours” along the vertical axis is the time of day.  You can make the correction to your local time… EST=UTC-5 , EDT=UTC-4 for example, so 00 hours is 8 pm EDT or 7 pm EST.