gumstix — Round Three

Webpage from gumstix boa web server

 Screen shot of web page from gumstix boa web server

Here we are in Round Three.  The last and latest buildroot revision also built the new version of uboot.  I couldn’t flash it to the gumstix without flashing uboot first.  Early Monday morning I downloaded the latest factory build of uboot from their feed site.  I calculated the crc32 value and size of the file…a couple of times.  Then I transferred it to the gumstix via Kermit in Windows Hyperterm, the same way I did the last time when I bricked the gumstix.  I had uboot calculate the crc32 value and I checked the ${filesize} variable…both a couple of times.  They matched themselves and what I calculated in Ubuntu.

The moment of truth had arrived.  The binary was loaded into the RAM.  It looked good.  I took a deep breath, turned the bank protection off, typed in the command to erase all, checked it three times, and hit return…done.  If the power went off right now it was bricked again; there was nothing in the flash memory.  I quickly typed in the command to flash it from RAM, checked it three times, and hit return…done.  Type reset, return.

It booted to uboot 1.2.0.  Now I had no filesystem to load in.  I went back to the Ubuntu machine and found the OpenEmbedded filesystem and kernel images that I built back in February, checked their sizes and crc32s, and moved them to my Windows Hyperterm machine.  The filesystem image is loaded first so I started the Kermit transfer; it was a big file to transfer over a serial line.  It took 43 minutes.  After I checked the transfer I flashed it.  Then transferred the kernel image…about 5 minutes.  Type bootm, return.

It booted but seemed to have some issues and audio still didn’t work.  So I downloaded the latest factory binaries for the filesystem and kernel and repeated the steps in the last paragraph.  They loaded and booted fine.

Well sort of.  Lots of things work now that didn’t…the cf card mounts automatically, the /etc/network/interfaces file is easily edited to setup the proper wifi encryption keys, etc., and the ntpdate automatically sets the clock from an internet time server.

Unfortunately, the audio still doesn’t work.  It doesn’t even see the sound card.  The more I read in the wikis and forums, I wonder if anyone has ever had it working.  I posted another request for help on the mailing list but no one has responded…I gave myself another point for flashing uboot without bricking it… gumstix 1, Mic 2

Is the game over?  I have doubts about a quick (if ever) resolution to the audio problem…the gumstix could win with the score gumstix 1, Mic 2.

3 thoughts on “gumstix — Round Three

  1. Geez – you used to speak English….

    Rick Stillmaker was here yesterday and sends his regards.

    Somehow, despite not sending B&K any money this year, we seem to have an active 12.0 license…. so I think I’m going to try to play with it.

    (Don’t recall if I told you – Gregg K is no longer here – got axed in the downsizing last month)


  2. Sorry for the jargon. These posts are for the person thinking about trying their hand at gumstix…very frustrating, but loads of fun and lots of computing power just beyond your reach.

    I may have asked before. Did anyone ever get v11 installed? I was going to do it before I transferred the equipment but they were in a big hurry to get it moved so I packed everything up and moved it. I had a heck of a time installing v10….ended up just getting a new computer and starting over. (So I was happy to let someone else do it.)

    I got a call from Evan on Saturday and he told me about Gregg.

  3. Actually I got 12 running on both the Sound Lab PC and on my own laptop. (That was Rick’s suggestion – I was going to fool with that little 2-channel jobber that Royal had… but he suggested just installing Pulse.

    So, I did. I haven’t done much with it – but I did get it to accept a signal and display a FFT.

    This is nice in that I can fiddle with it and learn without taking up time and space in the SL.

    My comment about your jargon was just me being snarky – I know what you were trying to do. I even understood every fourth word.

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