The Joy of Geophysics

The natural world is a wonder filled place. It can be at once both violent and subtle. The same earthquake that causes death and destruction in minutes on the other side of the world produces an ever so small shaking of my basement floor that goes on for hours. It is a laboratory for learning that is available to anyone with the curiosity to study it.

My education is in physics and I have been employed for most of my working life as a noise and vibration engineer for a well-known floor care appliance company. When I think about my interests though, they always have to do with earth sciences. I have been interested in the weather, seismology, and rocks since I was young. So I am an amateur “working” in those fields. The nice part about doing science as an amateur is that you can easily go whatever way your interests lead. I find adventure is searching for the subtle little things that go on around us every day right in our own back yard that most people never even know exist, or care.

This web site shares some of those adventures and the results of some of my projects. I will update it as time and inclination allow.

I hope you enjoy it…

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