M5.0 – 25km NNE of Shawville, Canada


There was a moderate, Magnitude 5.0, earthquake in southern Ontario, Canada this morning.  It registered as a small but nicely formed signal on my seismograph in northeastern Ohio, showing the P, S, and surface arrivals.  The orientation of my seismograph makes it less sensitive to earthquakes north and south of my location than it is to earthquakes east or west of us.  By my calculation this earthquake was about 456 miles northeast of my location.

USGS Event page is here: http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/eventpage/usb000gxna#summary


The USGS reduced the magnitude estimate to 4.4 after this post was written.

New Page — Clear Sky Charts

With the transit of Venus rapidly approaching above cloudy skies I was very curious to see if the forecast was for clearing skies at the last minute.  My go-to website for that information is The Clear Sky Chart Homepage.   My experience has been that it is pretty accurate.  Then I realized that the authors permit embedding the chart on non-commercial websites like mine so I added a new page with charts for two locations on either side of my location in Millersburg, Stillwell and Wilmot, all in Ohio.  Find the new page in the sidebar at the right hand side of the page labeled “Clear Sky Chart