Magnitude 7.8 – VANUATU (and others)


Signals from four large earthquakes are embedded in the seismogram (northeast Ohio, USA)  displayed above. They are

Time                                  Magnitude                         Location

20:52:13, Oct 7                5.9                                     East of Severnaya Zemlya

21:41:14, Oct 7                 6.7                                     Celebes Sea

22:03:15, Oct 7                7.8                                     Vanuatu

23:13:49, Oct 7                7.1                                      Vanuatu

A quick look at the extracted signals clearly shows the Russian surface waves.  I think the 7.8 magnitude signal probably obliterates the one from the Celebes Sea which was quite deep and therefore lacking significant surface waves.  The surface waves from the second Vanuatu earthquake are visible.  Aside from the Celebes Sea earthquake the other three were relatively shallow.


The USGS just added another one:  Magnitude 7.7 – SANTA CRUZ ISLANDS at 22:18:26 UTC

One thought on “Magnitude 7.8 – VANUATU (and others)

  1. Thanks. Mother Earth has certainly been murmuring a lot lately – in the SW Pacific. I wonder if there is some significance, or just a statistical clustering.

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