For the last few weeks on our bicycle rides along the Holmes County Trail we have noticed, first, a lot of survey markers and flags, and second, a little later, a small tracked drilling rig. The first day I saw the rig, I also saw an Amish farmer plowing a nearby field. When I came back on my return trip, the farmer was giving his horses a rest and had walked over to the Trail. I stopped and asked him what all the drilling and survey work was for. They were running a seismic exploration for deep oil deposits.


Then late last week I began seeing strong impulsive signals showing up on my seismograph. Sharp impulsive signals are indicative of local disturbances as their higher frequency components die out quickly with distance (making them no longer sharp and impulsive). These signals showed up around 8:00 pm or early in the morning.  I assume that these were the seismic sources being detonated and were done at that time to minimize the number of people on the Trail when they set off the buried charges. Another one is showing up this evening as I write.


Then yesterday there were two distant earthquakes which registered on the display too, one in the Kermadec Island region with a magnitude of 6.4 and another near Kodiak Island at a magnitude of 5.9. 


So I share a seismogram with natural and manmade seismicity in the same view.

3 thoughts on “Seismicity!

  1. Cool!

    I just checked in when I heard about the LA quake –

    Bill Royer and I are sitting in the conference room at Molon this morning…


  2. Dave,
    I haven’t done the calculations to get the arrival times; I would be surprised if I picked anything up here in Ohio. Here is what it looked like in Norway…

    I have never picked up a nuclear test…there are test ban treaties you know, that have been in place since before I went online.

    If they keep the magnitude estimate for the Korean test, it is the same as the May 18 earthquake in LA. I did get a tiny little blip from it but not really worth posting.

    Give Bill R. my regards the next time you see him.

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