Bluebird Hill Weather

The venerable Davis Monitor II weather station at Bluebird Hill has been replaced with a new Davis Vantage Pro2 wireless station. The old wind vane has been giving erroneous wind directions for the last couple of months; then the outdoor temperature sensor settled in on a temperature it liked in the low nineties and refused to indicate the real temperature anymore. Replacing those two sensors would have put me halfway to a new station so I replaced the old one.

The wireless integrated sensor platform of the Vantage Pro2 is much more flexible in where I can put it. I have it mounted out away from trees and buildings. I need to get the anemometer up a little higher but it is already better than the old installation ever was. Last week when the remnants of Hurricane Ike went through our area I measured the peak wind gust at 48 mph, ten miles per hour faster than anything I had measure before but probably still not representative of the “true” wind speed that contributed to all of the damage to trees and powerlines.

I lost a couple of days worth of September 2008 data when I transferred the database but I am working on some software to help me update the records on this site in a more timely fashion…we’ll see how that goes.  I have a lot of projects going that don’t seem to be getting wrapped up.

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